Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend wee ones ...

This weekend we had visitors. The amazing D and her three beautiful boys came to play. Lucy was very anxious and excited to see Wendim Irmao and Og. She was asleep before they arrived Friday night but made up for it by waking bright and early on Saturday. We were able to visit, meet a couple families at the EKC event (although it was smaller then normal) and go to an Ethiopian restaurant for dinner. I am thinkng that Lucy might have lost a few girlfriend points this weekend as she wasn't overly friendly with W a lot of the time and sometimes she was quite irritable (or was that me?). We will have to make up for it when we visit them at their place sometime before the dead of winter. Irmao was as nice as always except that he was as competitive with baby holding as I am although I am not as easy to distract (hey Irmao give me the baby and you can play on the computer). Baby Og was lovely and squish and still newborn enough that I had my fix of baby holding with no sore arms. Mama D was an excellent baby sharer.


D said...

I forgot to offer my baby-sharing trick.

1. Start sniffing dramatically.
2. Scrunch up your face and say, "Ewwwww!"
3. Announce, "Anyone holding the baby has to change poopy diapers."
4. Open arms to receive baby immediately thrust at you.

Malia'sMama said...

Gorgeous pics of ALL the cuties!