Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things that are not as fuzzy-warm as I imagined they would be ...

Well as it turns out, being a mom is not all fairy dust and happy happy joy joy, I think I've started taking some things for granted or I am officially living in the real world, I know that I have written a very long grammatically incorrect sentence, but anyways here is a list of some of the things I thought would be really sweet and fun about being a mom but have since discovered that in reality these things are sort of a drag and in fact are quite tedious so without further adeiu I give you the list:

1. making lunches to send to school (fun for about 3 days)

2. lazy Sunday mornings (haven't had one yet)

3. cuddling in mama's bed (if getting a knee to the face and protecting a small body from flying through a glass window is fun then this is fun)

4. going shopping (fun until she became mobile)

5. teaching independant living skills (i seriously lack patience for this transitional time, but it is still awesome to see her so proud of herself)

on the other hand some unexpected treasures of life with a child:

1. talking talking talking together, it's so fun to be able to have conversations

2. cooking together (we don't do it often but it's pretty fun when we do)

3. playing in the dirt

4. her greeting me when i pick her up from preschool

5. having her brush my hair

6. good night kisses (the first 3 times)

7. seeing unfiltered joy

8. her laugh


Anonymous said...

That is so true. Although I have to admit when Dori brushes my hair I think she is taking revenge for everytime I ever pulled her hair.

Mrs. Baker said...

I totally agree!!!!

Vanessavh said...

Dear Stacy and Lucy

If you haven't done so already, check out volunteering centers for Obama in your area:

Your internet friend in NYC,


p.s. Take Melanie and Morgan with you!

Malia'sMama said...

I can relate- for sure! :) But, having Mal comb my hair is NOT fun b/c she holds the bottom and it is long , so oooooooooooooow! :)

Kari said...

Oh Stacy I hear you on this one. So, so , so very true.

And, you realize that you either were really bored, or had tons of spare time before you became a parent too!

Lucy looks adorable as can be!