Monday, October 20, 2008

asthma, nightmares, roosters, successes

last night was very diverse in the number and kinds of sleep interruptions. Once I finally settled down for a very exhausted slumber the coughing started from Lucy's room. I tried to ignore it as my body started melting into the bed all snuggled under my heavy winter quilt, but it came again and again as persistently as a dripping faucet. I knew I had to get up and give her the nebulizar but my body was fighting it for every ounce of it's exhausted worth. Finally, freezing I flipped down the covers and set up the machine. Thankfully Lucy can sort of sleep through getting picked up, nebulized and put back down. Fifteen minutes later I was nestling back down under my cold covers. At 5 in the morning I heard crying from her room .. normally this wouldn't get me too anxious because I could address the problem (nightmare) and she'd go back to bed but at 5 am, her body has NEVER let her go back to sleep and I was not excited about parenting the kid who got up at 5 am in the post work hours. I soothed her and told her to go back to bed, at 6 am she called me back to her room and I more emphatically told her she MUST go back to bed ... I went to my room certain that I was screwed but of all miracles she actually fell back asleep! She slept until 8:20, just as I was passing info to my mom to have Lucy call me the minute she woke up so I could tell her how proud I was of her for going back to sleep. It was perfect, we had a moment to snuggle before I raced off to work.


Heather & Adam said...

Yaaaay! I am so thankful for having kids who sleep late. Soon you will be dragging her out of bed! :)

Anonymous said...

I love when things work out like that. Especially a last minute snuggle.