Saturday, October 4, 2008

stop buggering me

Lucy likes to say "stop buggering me" whenever she's annoyed with me or mad at me, which happens to be most of the time (apparently).

She has also been telling on herself in a roundabout way. I ask her how preschool went and she says "I was a good friend today, I did great!" I love to hear it but usually this proclamation is followed by such statements as: "We don't throw sand at our friends" and "we don't use potty talk not ever ever" or "we don't never ever squish our friends work".

Her teachers claim that she is doing good at preschool. I think they might be afraid of setting me off or something as I have called one 'insider' who needed to talk me off the ledge when I was struck with fear and dread that Lucy might get kicked out of preschool. Lucy's friend Bennett reported to his mom that "Lucy was crabby today".

Lucy went to her grandparents house on Friday night and I won't see her until Sunday morning. Although she could barely be bothered to say good bye to me Friday (after double checking that I was staying home) it was reported that she spent a lot of time crying for mommy and wanting to go home. I am at once sad that she's sad and happy that she's sad.

Despite my lack of child I find myself exhausted as always. It could be that I spent 5 hours painting the basement and another hour hauling stuff upstairs. It could also be the margarita and the extravagantly large meal I consumed.


Jen said...

There is nothing like the dreaded "school call." 15 years and third child later when it came... we dealt and it was a teaching moment. No worries. All those strong qualities that are hard to parent are those same qualities that you will admire when she is 25. You just have to get her there.

Nancy said...

"Buggering" - I love it. One of the side effects of emerging language is the funny things they come up with. I think this one should be a legitimate word however.

jendabi said...

I, as always, love hearing about Lucy's antics; I remember preschool as being particularly challenging....and so wanting your child to fit in. My son once really WAS suspended from preschool for saying "DUCK"....really, he couldn't say the word starting with "F" that he was suspended for. Ah, those were the days...
p.s. I LOVE Lucy's hair, and as I am waiting for my child I was hoping maybe you could do a post on Lucy's hair routine.....her hair is always so beautiful!

mookie mama said...

random blog stalker here, once again. actually, i'm becoming a regular reader -- i hope you don't mind. :) Lucy is adorable and I'm really trying to make my baby's hair behave like hers.
just wanted to let you know that emma has inadvertently started tattling on herself as well, and i only noticed it after what you wrote about Lucy. i'm stealing your idea for a post of our own soon.
(also, love Lucy's piggie tail holders. you've got great taste in preschooler fashion!) :)