Saturday, October 11, 2008

straight reporting ...

busy past couple days ...

Thursday evening picked Lucy up from preschool at 4:30 drove home, took down hair, combed hair, changed her clothes went to preschool family night which started at 5pm (we were 7 minutes late, we live close to preschool).

Friday: picked Lucy up from preschool at 4:30, drove home, gave her neb, packed her pj's drove to st paul dropped her off at the boys house (reverse babysitting), went to st paul art crawl for a couple hours drove back to the boy's house, put Lucy to bed, sat down and enjoyed wine with the other mom. Drove home after the Leno monologue.

Saturday: 6:45am woke up dressed myself, brushed teeth, hair, got Lucy changed, had about 100 power struggles and got into the car by 7:25. 7:34 am stopped for coffee. 7:37 am realized that there was a coffee fiasco (tragedy) wherein the top to the coffee cup was not secure and leaked all over and dripped ultimately ruining my morning coffee experience. 7:55 am arrived at swim class, 8:00 am sat on side of pool watching swim class still not fully awake and having had maybe 3 sips of coffee. 8:45 am resume power struggles with Lucy (note to self, Panera makes me slightly rageful toward my child for some reason, no more panera). 9:17 am hit Target for a gift bag and a diet coke to serve as a temporary replacement for failed coffee. 9:47 a.m made executive decision that even if it made us late for our first real "kid" birthday party we HAD to stop for coffee or I might die. 9:54 am leave coffee shop with a tested and functional lid. 10:03 am arrive at birthday party only 3 minutes late with coffee, kid and gift (which was "bagged" during red lights). 10:03-12:07 enjoyed birthday party, relieved that Lucy didn't hurt anyone or act too crazy. 12:08 pm realized that I didn't know where the next party was located, headed north (the general direction) hoping that someone would answer their phone. 12:30 pm, loosing hope that I'd ever find out where the party is ... 12:37 pm called my dad who answered and gave me general directions. 1:00pm (time of party) found out that highway 242 is actually called 14 yup, but still 2 different people told me to get off on 242 (which is actually 14). 1:07 pm made a U-Turn. 1:15 pm arrived at 95Th birthday party (a little different from the 4th birthday party from earlier in the day).

ok enough on that ... we got home and immediately loaded up the car with donations for the UAA rummage sale and headed to drop off and unload the donations. Played in our yard for a bit and then went to mall of america to go on ride and have ice cream. WHAT a busy day!!!!

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Meg DeZutti said...

After a weekend like that, you are currently my mom "hero" -- yeah you!! hope you get some Lucy alone time tonight so your work week is more bearable.