Sunday, October 12, 2008

Apple Orchard part 2

Despite the grim forecast we headed back to Emma Krumbee's this morning. It was cloudy and warm but nary a drop of rain hit our appley heads! The kids had a lot of fun climbing up the hay stack and sliding down (seriously I'd come here for the hay stack alone). They also enjoyed the one man band and his kid friendly stage. After Mel and Morgan went home Lucy and I did more yard work. We are doing a good job keeping up with the leaves in our back yard. Lucy fell asleep fast at 8pm the girl was all sorts of worn out (and so is her momma).


Meg DeZutti said...

The disco pose is AWESOME! and the strain on her face trying to lift the pumpkin is too precious! Thanks for posting pumpkin patch photos... kids in fall are the best.

Malia'sMama said...

GREAT photos! But, then again,. she is an awesome "subject" to shoot! :)