Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunday mornings

for the past several weeks, we've taken advantage of our sunny Sundays and headed out to the suburbs/country to an awesome park. 

 out in the far eastern side of Minnetonka, I consider this park a kids "off leash" park.  there is a lot of green space, with a natural barrier. 
 lots of space for kids to explore their independance, get exercise, fresh air
 grass in the hair
 connect with friends
and just enjoy a Sunday morning.  the mom's mostly get to relax.  you can see most of the park from one or two spots. has a nice non sandy surface (no sand in shoes, or imbedded in scalps), and up until last weekend had a flush toilet/running water bathroom.  

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Anne said...

What a perfect place! I get SO tired of the sand -- which is pretty much everywhere here.