Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scenes from a Sunday

 Woke up to an icy non-wonderland.  So slick could not even walk off the deck.  So we stayed home most of the day.  First we made some home-made wheat bread. Lucy did most of the mixing.
 she also did a bit of kneading.  the bread turned out delish!
 at some point in the day Lucy put on a little rock and roll show. 

 when the ice melted, we went up the road to the Electric Fetus where we did a little
pretty woman type of shopping. 
 listened to some music

 we ran into Fran Healy from the band Travis before he went down to prepare for his in-store performance.

 he taught Lucy a little guitar

 put on a beautiful performance

 Lucy watched and listened very intently.

after the show he gave her his pick (much to the dismay of the woman behind us), and she had  him sign it for her.

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risa said...

She's going to be a rock star...or a politician...or a community activist...or an artist...or a many possibilities!