Monday, November 1, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 1

Seriously almost petered out before I even started.  I am tired. Real tired.  Feel like life is in full full force these days.  The mornings are so rushed, getting out the door.  Lucy comes to work with me for about 1 1/2 hours every morning.  I think having her with me, in an environment where she feels in control for a bit helps her relax a little more the rest of the day in kindergarten.  Every morning when it's time for us to catch the bus we take two toddlers from my class with us.  Lucy loves this and the toddlers do too.  

Post school is about unwinding, homework, getting dinner together, running unavoidable errands and playing.  Evenings go way too fast in someways but at times that wait for bedtime can be painfully slow. 

Once Lucy goes down, it's so easy for me to just completely get absorbed in the computer, or reading and relaxing.  I resent all the "other work" that needs done.  Cleaning, dishes, laundry, bills, cooking future meals ... hate it.  Resent that each time the dishes get cleaned there are more just waiting to get dirty, resent the same about laundry, and animal fur, and animal waste, and dust ....   so there, first day of NaBloPoMo=RANT!  I feel better now, and aint that what it's all about?

In other news: 

 Lucy still loves worms.  A lot.  Here's a worm that she pushed on the swing, gave a wagon ride, and eventually returned, relatively unscathed to his family.

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Anonymous said...

oh dear she is such a nut, seriously the worms and the gloves, when will it end