Friday, November 5, 2010

Soooooo what's been going good?

Y'all know about our kindergarten woes.  Oh woe is me right?   Hoping we start having more and more good news on that front very soon.

That aside.  Let me tell you all about all the super positive things happening in our little family:

1. My New Year's resolution to quit catering to miss picky eater has paid off in a big way.  Dinners are much healthier, much more home made and much more tranquil these days (unless grandpa is at the table ...).   We have been enjoying tons of healthy, cheap, and easy to prepare in advance soups.  Soup has saved our budget and our sanity.  Turkey has also helped.  Turkey for a few days.  Then a break, then several days of turkey soup.  Split peas are another.  We love us some split pea soup, especially some injera to dip in it.

2. Mornings.  We have a general game plan.  Aside from some needed nagging from me so Lucy eats breakfast, mornings go well. 

3. Kuk Sool - Lucy's martial arts class.  Seriously hands down, the BEST best thing I could have done for Lucy was getting her enrolled and sticking to our Friday night classes.  She had a very difficult first 9 months in this class.  I cringed a lot.  Her instructors stuck with her, with firm, consistent expectations.  Her friendly, cute personality was not going to get her through this class.  Lucy is currently a model student.  She is amazingly focused, disciplined and driven in this class.  She rarely needs any sort of redirection.  I smile for 45 minutes straight.  She works hard.  It's a challenge for her but she accomplishes it.  LOVE THIS CLASS.  Leave a comment if you want the low down, have a kid 4 or older and live in the Twin Cities.

4. Grocery shopping- i try to avoid doing it with Lucy in tow but when it must be done it no longer needs to be followed up with beer for mom and therapy for Lucy. 

5. Getting  in  and out of the car -  this used to send me into major mom meltdown.  The putzing, the foot dragging, the hopping to the other seat, the scavenging for anything on the floor ... it's all stopped (mostly).  Some mornings I drive off to work with Lucy in the back and I think ... holy crap.  We just got through this morning with no issues at all.  Talk about improvement!!!

so yup.  Life is good.  It's so much easier to parent Lucy now.  We can do things like hang out at art crawls, and listen to bands in a coffee shop until 8:30 at night and I feel pretty assured I wont suffer for it in the morning.  Loving mommyhood. 


StefB said...

Good stuff. :)

Jane said...

Glad there's loads of good stuff happening to go with the soon to be great Kindergarten stuff!

Single PAP said...

yay! you give me hope for smooth times ahead!