Tuesday, November 9, 2010

oh baby lucy

 so stinkin' little and so cute.
 still having a fever after one week home.
giving her momma gray hairs right away
 had that big ol' "hungry baby" belly still. 
 still had those sparkling full of life eyes


cathy said...

i'd recognize those sparkly eyes anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Oh my heck she is cute...and still is. We love readin' about Lucy!! She's our favourite one to read about on the blogs!! My husband Mike will often come home from work and sees me on the computer checking blogs and always asks what Lucy has been up to today. :)
- Paula H
The Stokes Family
New Brunswick, CANADA
referral on Aug 12/2010 for "Alem" who was 4 months, waiting for court right now....

DannieA said...

loved reading your blog. Was cruising my searches for families of 2 to read about families that look like my daughter and I :) What a beautiful family you guys are.

Jane said...

I loved looking at these early pictures. Yep, her eyes sparkled even when she was a tiny baby.