Saturday, November 6, 2010

quotes from a bus ride

 Today we decided on adventuring on the #21 bus from Chicago Avenue until the end of 21A.  In frantic anticipation Lucy thoughtfully applied quite a bit of eye make up (thank you Risa :)).   We waited patiently at the bus stop by our house. 
 Ironically our end point was quite similar to where we accidentally ended up last night (thank you for real Risa for getting us out of that one).  So we decided to head to where was partied last night for a little snack/drink/bathroom break.  Of course no break is complete with out some posing and dancing. 
 Anyways ...  although these photos are not actually of us on the bus I thought I would bless you with some fun tidbits of conversation that Lucy had with EVERY LIVING (and almost living) SOUL on the bus.  Oh it was fun.  Y'all probably don't know how shy I really am.  Ha ha, I have the most anti-shy child in the world, good one. 
 We started out singing the name game song about every single person we know.  Moma, moma bo bama banana fana fo fama fi...  yup that loudly sung song came to a grinding halt when Lucy decided to sing about our pal Lucky.  Yup.   But frankly, at that point we were still on the #5, and anyone that knows 'bout the #5 knows that the #5 folks have likely just finished saying something similar.   
So here are a few more treasures:
"Hey, hey! Um sir, your pants are falling off"  (and her mommy was putting her hood up and sinking slowly down)

‎"Mom is that a cop or a lifeguard?"  (it was a cop)

"Mom, tyler (my cousin)  hates cops right? They put him in jail"  (cue loud snorts from Phil behind us, and yeah, I knew almost everyones name on the bus)

A big shout out to our new friends Charlie and Lisa.  Glad that Lucy could help Lisa learn Charlie's name.  Hope you two enjoy that 12 pack.  Thanks a lot new friend Charlie for forever cementing in lucy's head that the back of the bus is far more cool then the front. 

and Will (our other new friend).  Lucy didn't accept your explaination for the tear drop tattoo and the shaved eyebrow, but I appreciate your ability to censor. 

and to Senora Eva,  thanks for the herbalife protein bar and the invitation to come practice spanish, and your phone number.  

we'll be driving to lowertown next time!


Anonymous said...

you 2 are a "trip"! I love hearing what you 2 are up to and the comments that Lucy makes. a big smile comes to my face. :) and yes stacy i do know how shy you are. the universe brings us people and their personalities so we can experience things that we wouldn't choose on our own. no question about you 2. love oozing out all over.

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risa said...

What a hoot! Wish I could have joined you at the Black time!!!

Shannon- said...

THE Eyeshadow! Wow! How creative! She must paint herself like a canvas of course. Beautiful as always