Sunday, January 25, 2009


I think we've caught up with the majority of Lucy's woes. This was fairly record timing here as she didn't get "hit hard" until Thursday afternoon and is currently almost normal this Sunday afternoon. She's taking a nap now which should help with some of the fatique related issues (irrational mood swings). Keeping her inside and at home seems to be helping with everything but the mental health.

Here are two photos, one from yesterday during her "I got sick with my hair free and now mama is real scared to get in there and fix it, plus I have this very creative outfit on" stage and the other from today "tame hair tame outfit napping child" stage.


Tam King said...

love love love this hair! She is so beautiful! You must be oh SO proud! :)

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Whispered prayers this morning for the two of you. Praying and believing that this week will be a good week for you both! Love the pink!!!!

Anne said...

Oh, poor, poor girl. Poor mama, too -- I hope you're both breathing a sigh of relief today! Thinking of you both and sending healing and resting vibes your way!!