Monday, September 29, 2008

The weekend ..

We had a great and exhausting (mostly in a good way) weekend. Saturday we continued the tradition of going to the Raptor Release with the boys. It was our first time with four mobile children (the spring release was just days after baby Jacob came home and he was content in stroller and arms). It was abbreviated, we all had parties to go to, but still fun and busy. The moms had to have coffee on the way there and on the way back. We went straight from the raptor release to Morgan's 2nd birthday party. MoMo had a lot of fun being celebrated and having lots of people at his beck and call. I can't believe baby Morgan is 2 years old ... geez the time goes fast.

Friday, September 26, 2008

ohhh Friday my Friday

OH Friday I love thee and hate thee. My love of thee is that thou art the true beginning (at 4:30pm) of the weekend. Lest you all forget that thy weekend is but one of my many true loves (along with Lucy, beer, sleep, diet coke, my mom). AYE but Friday doth also sting. The sting of exhaustion is ripe and I have but a wee little bit of energy to drip into the remains of the day. Add to this lack of energy a debate and well I guess the old guy running for office "just doesn't understand" that he madeth my Friday a lot bit less heavenly and with this I bid you farewell until another day when I have more energy and a bit more wit.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

bad parenting confession

ok ... I was gonna keep this to myself but since I suffered for it this morning I thought I'd share. About a month ago Lucy was messing around on my bed. My bed is basically two mattresses on the floor shoved up into a corner of a sunroom turned bedroom. She kept trying to shove her feet down between the bed adn the wall which resulted in her needing help and me getting irritated. Finally I said, Lucy don't stick your feet down there, you never know what might be down there, I don't want you to get hurt". Lucy says: "maybe there are bees down there" and I DID NOT disagree with that thought. So for a month she's steered clear of the edge of the bed, laying nicely next to me and I've felt a little tinge of guilt but again, I never said there were actually bees there ... I just didn't say there weren't. Fast forward to this morning ... 6:45 am, Lucy screams from her bedroom "no no no MOOOOOMMMMMYYYYY" I run in there, she claims she heard bees buzzing.

Diane, can we borrow money from Irmao and Wendims therapy jars???

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A View from the Frontlines

Just a little glimpse into babysitting nights. The kids all have very different personalities although not a single one of them would be considered quiet, withdrawn or passive. The nights are hopping and usually a lot of fun.

Monday, September 22, 2008

social work thyself

Sometimes I find it laugh out loud funny that I am paid to educate and support highly stressed at-risk parents ... mmmmwhaaahaaahaaahaaaa ... I need a me sometimes, but i need my me to be better. Saturday morning for example, totally could have used a parent worker. Swim class was a disaster, Lucy and I were as crabby as can be (not a great combination) and wow was she a sassy pants during swim class and my death ray glares did not penetrate her uber toddler defense system. After swim class bagels were no better although looking back I see myself as holding most of the responsibility for our problems (bad mood). It didn't help that swim class was just one part of a day filled with activities. We killed time at a new park waiting for our time to participate on a parent panel at our adoption agency, we met another little girl (in the park) who was at the same orphanage at the same time as Lucy was ... what a small small world. Lucy was a star, poster child for the attentionless and energy filled at our parent panel. During swim class it occurred to me that we could either A)be bookmarked for failing subsequent home studies or B) deter anyone from adoption wild Ethiopian girls but I think neither happened as Lucy charmed the socks off the most conservative of conservatives in the audience.

anyways ... parenting is hard because guess what??? Kids freakn' challenge you to the core and well that's their job. I've already given myself a coaching in preparation for an early wake up ... 1. it's more time together 2. it's not the end of the world and 3. I'll just tell her preschool teachers that she had a FABULOUS nights sleep and so therefore should be in the greatest of all possible moods all the livelong day!

Friday, September 19, 2008

the blog effect sucks

just wanted to say that 2 posts ago (written last night) I wrote and I quote: I am not going to say much about how late she's been sleeping in the morning due to the blog effect. yeah ... I screwed myself. The blog effect reared its ugly head too early this morning and now I am crabby and Lucy is crabby and that my friends is not a good combination. over and out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Abbigail Grace

Abbigail Grace was born still on May 28, 2008. Abbi was the beautiful daughter of my cousin Sheri.

It took me a long time to write this post even though I thought about it often. It is not all I wanted to say but since this blog is here in part to provide a history of sorts to Lucy, it was important for me to write about her little cousin Abbi.

I was thinking about Abbi the other day after seeing a little newborn babe. I remember the day I found out Sheri was pregnant, thinking that her friend had accidentally let the cat out of the bag through an email. I was giddy and excited when Sheri returned my cautious email inquiry about her pregnancy and I couldn't wait to have another cousin to share the joys of motherhood (especially single mother hood). When I heard that Abbi had died and that Sheri was in a dangerous medical state as well my heart just dropped. I had this feeling of wanting to stop it all and fix it. Knowing that Sheri would have to leave the hospital without her daughter broke my heart and left me with a sadness that brings me to tears each time I recollect it.

so a little letter to my tiny cuz Abbi

Dear Abbi,

I sure wish you had spent some more time with us here on earth. I was so looking forward to flying out to see you and snuzzle your little newborn head. Your momma sent photos of you and you were just the most beautiful little girl, little girl big feet! Your cousin (2nd cousin? twice removed??) Lucy would have totally taught you all of the necessary skills to be a sassy little fashionista. Your momma was SOOOO excited about you, I could sense it coming off those emails! While your mom was pregnant I was busy planning ways of convincing her to move here to Minnesota just so we could hang out. Don't worry little girl, you'll always be remembered in this house and we'll celebrate your place in this world.

Love you,


Maybe just maybe Lucy is slowing down on growing a little. I find myself racking my brains for something to write and nothing spectacular comes to mind. Really we are laying low and trying to settle into a new routine. Preschool has been a tricky transition. Lucy is really tired at the end of the day, any significant roadtrip would cause a late afternoon nap and those are the kinds of naps that end in a baby bear. We've mostly just been going home at the end of each day and trying to make it to bedtime without killing each other. I am not going to say much about how late she's been sleeping in the morning due to the blog effect. What's hard for me about preschool is that it isn't appropriate and doesn't make sense for me to pick her up early in the afternoons which means no spontaneous extended momma/Lucy time.

She's really growing up through all of this. Lucy seems to becoming more settled, more secure, less volatile (unless she's tired or hungry BUT that's normal).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Well we are nearly at the half way through the week mark. Whew. Lucy had the first day of her second week of preschool today. She did GREAT!!! She was nice to her friends all day and joined in the group. Nice job. Lucy is handling the exhaustion of no nap like a seasoned pro. She had only one meltdown this afternoon. I love this girl so much!!! Lucy helped me make dinner tonight and she gobbled it right down, it was easy and good so I thought I'd share our recipe:

1. small pork roast
2. about 1/2 cup Kraft Light Asian Toasted Sesame reduced fat dressing
3. some terriyaki sauce
4. a tablespoon creamy peanut butter

since i started with a frozen pork roast i put it and all the ingrediants in a crock pot on high all day ... i cut the pork roast in quarters when it was soft enough to do so. Before serving i cut the heck out of the roast so it was more like a "chunky" sauce. The consistency of this is sort of like a stew. Next time I am adding shredded carrots.

i cooked some plain ramen noodles and Lucy tossed the sauce into the noodles, we served it and ate it up ... yummy

Monday, September 15, 2008

pants, shirts, knees, squirrels ...

another post about me ... had to share ... today was not so good. It all started this morning. I woke up happy. Lucy was still asleep, it was 7:00. I put some pants on and headed to the kitchen for coffee. Had a couple cups. My parents (Monday child-care) showed up and I finished getting dressed. Hung out with Lucy for awhile and headed to work.

In my car on the way to work I looked down and realized I wasn't wearing my khaki cargo capris at all ... nope ... I was wearing my "fancy" pants ... a black/grey herringbone type pattern with a very subtle pinkish accent stripe and some fancy buttons at the ankle area. Fine pants, very fine EXCEPT when you happen to be wearing a very casual tshirt that's brown with a blue design on it ... nice. Totally flashed me back to when I wore a fancy shirt inside out while interviewing daycares for Lucy and then again when I wore a polo shirt backwards to the mall of america. Not a fashion day not at all.

THEN I get home and have a nice dinner with my parents and mel and morgan. I was taking some garbage out when I noticed our demonic backyard squirrel staring at me from the fence. I had noticed that he started chewing threw the garbage bag in the short time it was outside. I had his dinner in my hand and he was staring at me. As i headed toward the garbage cans he moved in and tried to block my way by standing on the gate. He then 'chattered' at me very aggressively. I was distracted thinking about how to get past him when i stumbled off the deck and landed on the bricks on my knee. I nearly passed out (seriously) some how made it in side where my dad, lucy and morgan tended to me and my mom cowered in the kitchen shouting orders and saying 'oh it's bad, it's bad'. It was bad for about 20 minutes and now it's feeling under control. Lucy was so so sweet saying "I'm sooo sorry momma" and later looked at my dad and shrugged her shoulders saying "should I get her a diet coke?" oh Lucy, you do learn by observation, diet coke cures almost any ailment.


Monday comes so flippn' fast. My kiddo has had a terrific weekend (and so have I). Once of the highlights was jumping on Morgan's uncle's trampoline Saturday.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Holy crap, how is it possible that there is still one whole entire work/school day left this week. I am exhaustified, Lucy is exhaustified ... the kid has not complained about bedtime once this week (not that I am sad about that).

Lucy is doing good in preschool. I think she likes it and is definately getting a lot of stimulation. For her it's the ultimate in over stimulation, not only are there a lot of activities (great art projects) but the kids change from morning to afternoon and from day to day so she's not even getting a grasp of the people in her class and for social queen Lucy THIS is really challenging.

Work has been a little more challenging as well. Clients are coming and going at rapid speeds, getting the classes full and the waiting list tended to is challenging and finding/seeing my clients can be daunting. Once I DO get to see a client their issues slap me in the face with their complexities and sadnessess. I come to work exhausted, I leave more exhausted it's a viscious cycle.

Day by day I am slowly organizing my life. Going through closets, getting rid of precious (to me) "items" that were Lucy (Jacob is getting some of the goodies ... ) and making space for moving forward. Each bag of stuff that leaves or finds a permanent organized home takes an ounce of "overwhelmedness" off of my shoulders so it inspires me to plug away a little more.

Now if only I could come up with a few thousand dollars to pay bills and relieve my financial stress ...

OK well this blog post is all about me me me ... back to our regularly scheduled Lucymania next time ... thanks for listening

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Lucy made it through day 2 of preschool with no incidents. She seems at once anxious about it and in love with it. This week seems so dang long and I just can't wait until it's over.

Happy Birthday

Big boy Morgan is 2 today!!!! WE love you Morgie ...

Love Stacy and Lucy (and Obama)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

T- 1 hour 16 minutes

The countdown begins ... I pick Lucy up in less then two hours. I have had two reports from the frontlines and both seem positive. Report #1 indicated that Lucy was doing well ... Report #2 supported the first report and added "great" ... so now I just have to see for myself. I hope the girl isn't too exhausted to enjoy the evening with her momma.

Here are some photos from this morning

Where's Obama?

Because she woke up at 6:23 this morning we had LOTS AND LOTS of time to 1. rid her dresser of some summer clothes 2. have a snack AND breakfast 3. rock and snuggle 4. play with a baby 5. go to vote all before heading to the first day of full-day preschool.

After explaining repeatedly to Lucy that we are going to VOTE not on a BOAT. Lucy "a fishing boat?" Momma: "no, VOTING, like VOTING for OBAMA, but different" and then Lucy remembered ... so when we got to our polling place she looked around and said "Where's Obama?" after explaining that he's not here, and in fact, not even Al Franken is here ... she then looked around and asked "Momma, where the lake is?" Momma said "Lake?" Lucy says "for the fish boat" ... so she doesn't get the democratic process but she sure loved the "I Voted" sticker.

I nervously dropped Lucy off at Urban Arts Academy Preschool. Her first day. Full-day. I am nervous. Not many of the kids are full day students. Some will leave at 12:30 and others will arrive at 1pm. Lucy will stay all day. I wanted the teachers to ask me all sorts of questions about Lucy's personality, behavior, needs ... but they didn't. I hoovered around nervously until Lucy said "momma you go to work now, please, thanks" ... adios kid.

I have my moles checking in at her at 12:30 and at 1pm ... I expect full reports.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our busy weekend...

We had quite a busy weekend. Friday night we hung out at grandma and grandpas. Saturday Lucy woke up at 5:45 (yuck), had swim class at 8:00, birthday party at 11:00 played at the zoo with the boys until 5:00 and then played at the boys house until bedtime (at which point the mommas enjoyed beers and a movie). Sunday slept in until 7:20 am! We went to a new church which will likely be our new Sunday home ... Lucy danced almost the entire hour. Played at home for awhile and then went for a long bike ride at Calhoun. Now Lucy is taking an unintentional nap and I am blogging.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Busy day ...

First Lucy picked her own outfit (again). I swear she dug through piles of cute/normal pants and found these.
I went to work and Lucy and Grandma went to the Mall of America. When I got home it was time to change clothes and go to Lucy's new preschool's open house. We played with toys and did activities at her new preschool and met her new friends and then we went home.
After dinner we went for a bike ride around the neighborhood. Lucy was a rock star bike rider.

After our bike ride Lucy helped me weed the perennial grass "garden" that has gotten out of control. She was actually more of a help then a hindrance ...

After weeding we went inside for some winding down and some juice ... then off to bed!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


not much happening today .. my mom is still on nanny duty as I pulled Lucy from daycare 2 weeks before preschool starts. I think Lucy is liking the one on one attention and the relaxed pace of not having to race out of the house. I have a lot more laundry to do as Lucy changes clothes about once every 5 minutes and I am always confused at the end of the day as to which article if any received enough wear to deem it washable.

i have so much to say about the 'publican's vp choice but this isn't a political blog ... but still sheesh ... uggggg do we really need dumb and dumber for the ticket??? I do like her glasses.

ok so bad blog post but at least it's a post ...

Monday, September 1, 2008

End of Summer ...

All at the same time I am eager for fall and it's not so hostile temps, excited to see the kids at my agency's preschool start their new year, excited for Lucy to start her first preschool next week and sad for the end of summer, sad to put away our gigantic pool, sad to see the sun set before bedtime (Lucy's), and sad at the anticipated loss of our gigantic outdoor playworld...

Fall is nearly perfect in Minnesota (except the bees who threaten our every outdoor eating attempts) ... I am excited to spend some fall weekends at the state parks hiking and mabye camping at least one more time before we pack up our gear.

adios summer ... we'll see you next year (and we'll catch you a bit tomorrow before the cool breezes flow in).