Thursday, September 18, 2008


Maybe just maybe Lucy is slowing down on growing a little. I find myself racking my brains for something to write and nothing spectacular comes to mind. Really we are laying low and trying to settle into a new routine. Preschool has been a tricky transition. Lucy is really tired at the end of the day, any significant roadtrip would cause a late afternoon nap and those are the kinds of naps that end in a baby bear. We've mostly just been going home at the end of each day and trying to make it to bedtime without killing each other. I am not going to say much about how late she's been sleeping in the morning due to the blog effect. What's hard for me about preschool is that it isn't appropriate and doesn't make sense for me to pick her up early in the afternoons which means no spontaneous extended momma/Lucy time.

She's really growing up through all of this. Lucy seems to becoming more settled, more secure, less volatile (unless she's tired or hungry BUT that's normal).

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jen said...

i was clicking through some blogs and happened upon yours!
beautiful daughter.
beautiful words.
and you are in mpls too!
i might stop by again...