Thursday, September 25, 2008

bad parenting confession

ok ... I was gonna keep this to myself but since I suffered for it this morning I thought I'd share. About a month ago Lucy was messing around on my bed. My bed is basically two mattresses on the floor shoved up into a corner of a sunroom turned bedroom. She kept trying to shove her feet down between the bed adn the wall which resulted in her needing help and me getting irritated. Finally I said, Lucy don't stick your feet down there, you never know what might be down there, I don't want you to get hurt". Lucy says: "maybe there are bees down there" and I DID NOT disagree with that thought. So for a month she's steered clear of the edge of the bed, laying nicely next to me and I've felt a little tinge of guilt but again, I never said there were actually bees there ... I just didn't say there weren't. Fast forward to this morning ... 6:45 am, Lucy screams from her bedroom "no no no MOOOOOMMMMMYYYYY" I run in there, she claims she heard bees buzzing.

Diane, can we borrow money from Irmao and Wendims therapy jars???


Mama Papaya said...

I think we need to start a club.

Malia'sMama said...

LMAO! Add me to the club!

cathy said...

My aunt convinced my cousins that if they kept splashing the bath water onto the bathroom floor, the floor would melt away and the bathtub would fall down into the basement, right into a giant monster's mouth. I don't think you should lose much sleep about the bees.

Jen said...

I laughed at this story. It reminded me of when I was little my mom told me that a little red light would go on in my eye when I lied. I started closing my eyes when I was not being truthful. It took me a long time to figure out how she always knew. Have a wonderful weekend.

Chris said...

LOL I have pretty much the same sence of humor :)
Poor Lucy LOL
You are a great mother :)

D said...

I say let's send them to couple's therapy.

It'll take half as much money for them to both come to the conclusion that "my mother screwed me up."