Monday, September 22, 2008

social work thyself

Sometimes I find it laugh out loud funny that I am paid to educate and support highly stressed at-risk parents ... mmmmwhaaahaaahaaahaaaa ... I need a me sometimes, but i need my me to be better. Saturday morning for example, totally could have used a parent worker. Swim class was a disaster, Lucy and I were as crabby as can be (not a great combination) and wow was she a sassy pants during swim class and my death ray glares did not penetrate her uber toddler defense system. After swim class bagels were no better although looking back I see myself as holding most of the responsibility for our problems (bad mood). It didn't help that swim class was just one part of a day filled with activities. We killed time at a new park waiting for our time to participate on a parent panel at our adoption agency, we met another little girl (in the park) who was at the same orphanage at the same time as Lucy was ... what a small small world. Lucy was a star, poster child for the attentionless and energy filled at our parent panel. During swim class it occurred to me that we could either A)be bookmarked for failing subsequent home studies or B) deter anyone from adoption wild Ethiopian girls but I think neither happened as Lucy charmed the socks off the most conservative of conservatives in the audience.

anyways ... parenting is hard because guess what??? Kids freakn' challenge you to the core and well that's their job. I've already given myself a coaching in preparation for an early wake up ... 1. it's more time together 2. it's not the end of the world and 3. I'll just tell her preschool teachers that she had a FABULOUS nights sleep and so therefore should be in the greatest of all possible moods all the livelong day!


Malia'sMama said...

I swear out girls are related!!! Hang in, Mama. It's my plan, too! :) (PS: Mine has been mantra crying for about 10 minutes (and had been asleep only an 30 minutes before that)- soothing talk, touches etc- no help... I am trying to keep from melting down....)

jendabi said...

Oh how i love reading your are so hilarious, and Lucy, though she
may be challenging on some days, is stinking adorable.

Beth said...

I have so been there. Parenting was so much easier when I did not have a kid.

Veronica and John Accornero said...

I don't post much but I have been following your blog since the beginning our adoption journey (March/07)and enjoy it so much. I really love the honesty and humor in your posts. I know what you mean--I'm a child psychologist and there are many days I feel I am a bad parent and should totally change careers:) Man this is a hard job! Hang it there. And I agree with jendabi, Lucy is just so adorable.