Thursday, July 31, 2008

We go to 'Opia camp and see Wendim OK?

So Lucy must have mentioned Wendim about 1,244 times today. We see Wendim today? Today momma, at 'Opia camp? "No Lucy, we go to camp tomorrow" ... OK momma, we see Wendim tomorrow.

Sheesh. She is excited to play in the dirt with Wendim and she can't WAIT!

YUP we are off again, heading to the far east coast of Wisconsin. We are going to see some old friends (like Wendim) and meet some new friends. We are going to get steamed up in 90 degree weather and a tent ... and cool off in a lake. We are going to eat sandwich meat and crackers for three days. I am hoping and yes praying that there is some sort of coffee place near by as I am bringing no coffee making equipment and I KNOW I can't wait for the coffee ceremonies, I'll need at least 20 ounces before that's even supposed to start. It is not beneath me to grab my kid and hike to the car, drive off and buy a coffee then drive back and sneak into the tent and pretend we've been roughing it. In fact, if this coffee place that I pray exists also has food AND airconditioning ... well, we just might get caught up in the moment and return to camp just in time for the coffee ceremony (just saying). I am also packing an aero bed with some soft bamboo sheets, a feather pillow and a comforter. Lucy has a nice sleeping bag and a yoga mat (she'll end up rolling all over the tent until she's balled up in a corner anyway ... wiggle worm.

So we'll report back with some fresh photos on Sunday or Monday. Hope you all have a good weekend.


Curlz said...

Have fun and I hope you find plenty of coffee! You are bringing diet coke aren't you? Look forward to seeing pics and hearing all about it. Miss you at's been a drag.

Mama Papaya said...

Wishing you overflowing cups of coffee, no bugs and air conditioning. Have a great time!

Melanie said...

Welcome back!!!! Can't wait to see the pics and hear more about it!!!

Brooke said...

haven't read your blog in a long time so i just stopped in. was thoroughly entertained! your lucy's smile is so bright and beautiful. what a joy.