Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well our vacation is officially over. I mean, thankfully I didn't have to go to work. I did, however wake up with a scared Lucy who STAYED AWAKE FROM 12:30 AM UNTIL 3:30ISH AM. I have been traumatized. Seriously. These things exhaust me, bring me to the edge of sane parenthood and make me question everything about parenting, not to mention they bring me nearly to the end of my patience rope. Last night I almost was as scary as the monster aka "do do". Tonight the fears started the minute she got into bed and I had to coach myself inside of my head to be the parent, to be the comforter and the rational one. I stayed strong about her having to stay in her bed but I tried to do everything else to make her feel safe. I had one little snap where I said sort of huffily "well if you had your eyes closed you wouldn't see scary things" ... yeah, not really the kinda help a three year old needs mom. Please send good safe sleep vibes to Lucy and please send me rational and loving parenting vibes.


Beth said...

As one who has been haunted by a child who awakens in the night (and is a little less than patient when it happens) I hope you sleep well tonight.

Nancy said...

Patience. Hmmm...I lose it all the time. I am SO glad you introduced me to Heather Forbes. She has become my "self-regulation" guru. I get so much from her daily reflections and align with her philosophy. It is so hard to parent sanely when I feel out of control on the inside.

Can I lift that photo of Lucy for my website? She looks too cute.

Glad you all had such a wonderful reprieve. Miss you.

rebekah said...

This is so bizarre - first of all, my google reader suggested your site, which as a forum person of course I know about. And then, I read it after having been up on and off all night with my little almost 4 year old afraid of stuff. Bleary eyed I am. Some comfort in knowing we're not the only ones.

Heather said...

I don't know too many people who really are patient at 3 AM. I know I am not. Hang in there. Hopefully this is a phase that will pass quickly.

JYS said...

Oh I'm with ya!

We've had many a monster nights at our house!

I always wonder, why do the mornings following a night of no sleep not seem to slow down them dowm?!!!