Sunday, July 20, 2008

A vacation ...

1. 4ish days at a lake cabin

2. about 4 naps

3. at least 4 mornings sleeping past 7

4. one morning sleeping until 9:30

5. swimming in three lakes

6. lots of casual relaxed breakfasts together

7. pj's all day

8. fresh fruit every day

9. lots of time together

10. barely thinking about work

.... such a great week off ... and the best thing? I work next week and then I have another week off!!!!


Mama Papaya said...

Oh vacation. How I have missed you. What are you doing with your next week off Mama?

Nancy said...

Nice Stacy. I think that is how life should be: one week of work followed by one week of vacation; except for the summers - every week should be a vacation (unless you really, really, really want to work).

Irenic Seeker Mama said...

She is absolutely gorgeous. I know you know this, but I just have to type it!

Enjoy your next vacation!!!