Wednesday, July 30, 2008

shhhhhh don't tell Lucy

Well today I cheated on my kid. I felt a little guilty about it. I am on vacation this week and not relaxing at all! I had the boys on Monday and Wednesday and Morgan on Tuesday. Still it's WAY better then working all day. Today I put Lucy in daycare and then proceeded to pick Nathan and Jacob up, and babysat them all day. Really I did it (put Lucy in daycare) because 1. she can be so darn hard on those boys, 2. she needs the stability or drop off gets really hard and 3. I felt that Nathan needed a special day out because he's missing his brother Isaac who has been off at camp with their mom during the week. After picking up Nathan and Jacob we headed for the train station. We rode the train down town (Nathan was so excited), where Nathan exclaimed at every "train station" ... "oh my goodness this station is just soooooo precious". Jacob seemed to enjoy climbing, chewing on things and clapping his hands, he also gave me a hug today which was so sweet. We went to the library (not a hit), stopped to watch the window cleaners climb up the tallest building in Mpls, went into that building and watched a water fountain, ran around a water fountain, ate lunch at Mcdonalds and then took the train back home. After Jacob woke up we went to pick Lucy up from daycare, she was so happy and surprised to see her friends. We had fun swimming together and Isaac even joined us for a post-camp cool down. Lucy seemed oblivious to the obvious mommy cheat that had happened during the day but this momma had fun letting Nathan be king for the day. Lucy and I had a nice quiet evening together and even managed to make it through a hair do with no complaining!!!!


Anonymous said...

Honey, Grandma says thats ok, everyone needs a special day and it is good when it happens. You give Lucys lots of special days cause you are a special Mom

Kerri said...

I've been cheating on Ruby 3 days a week since Medina came home for exactly the reasons you mentioned. We both need her to be in daycare - stability for her, sanity and bonding time with Medina for me. It just works better all around.
Kerri, Medina, and Ruby