Saturday, April 28, 2007


Had to share the photo of Lucy's "i don't wanna" pose. This position is very effective as somehow she seems to gain about 20 pounds or gravity increases. She's a girl who knows what she wants and what time she wants it! We had such a fun day today. We went to the zoo in the morning and walked the outdoor trails. We saw about one animal ... mostly Lucy was interested in sitting on all of the sidewalk ledges. It took us about two hours to go maybe 3 blocks. Part of this time was spent with her laying on the ground face down for no real reason. I was trying to go at her pace but honestly I couldn't take it for very long ... in reality if we went at her pace we would still probably be at the automatic doors at the entrance to the zoo THOSE were way more exciting then the tiger or the baby camels. My friend S is about to leave for Ethiopia to meet her daughter. Hopefully the impossible will become possible and she'll actually get to bring her daughter home on this trip.

Friday, April 27, 2007

When adoption is so freaking exciting you can't even think straight

FINALLY .... Mel (see her blog link) has a travel date!!!!!!!! Excitement abounds and joy fills the formerly anxious air. What a wonderful wonderful way to start the weekend. The beautiful Morgan will be in his momma's arms by mother's day!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

She's a big kid now

Lucy's officially big. She's sleeping in her big girl bed. Tonight will be the third night. The crib is gone. Sad ... I find myself a little worried that if she had the will she could wander through the house at night. Fortunately her door is sticky and she'd have to be real mad to force it open, and I would hear her through the monitor if it got to that point. Lucy is also quite the singer. Almost anyone off the street can easily pick up what she is singing by the tune alone (the words are a bit off), it's adorable to hear her sing. She definately has her idea of what is a good song and what is a bad song, right now the CD in the car only has 3 good songs: track 1, track 10 and track 11 ... sometimes she will tolerate about 1/2 of track 12. Thankfully one of the songs she hates is the banana phone song ... "my cellular bananular phoooonnnneee"! Tonight at the park I learned (from another mother) a new form of "disipline" ... while I tend to explain, distract, time-out and occasionally yell (though this induces tremendous amounts of guilt) this mother just looks point-plank at her 1 yr old daughter (who was throwing a fit upon being removed from the swing) and says "stop it or I'll call the police and you'll go to jail". Amazingly the baby stopped. Hmmmmmmmmmm ....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Urban wildlife

Yes I posted a photo of a bat and some ducks on my blog. You see the park in the heart of Minneapolis was host to more then a bunch of wild kids. This bat was hanging below a bench by the toddler park. A BENCH. Where people sit!!! I am glad that my kid does not allow me to sit at a park. The ducks were too busy fighting to notice that they had drifted within reach of many rowdy kids. The kid ... well, she's wild but adorable! Here she is in her first sleeveless appearance of the spring ... it's a good look on her. Tonight is her first night in her big girl bed .. pray we all sleep.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

she met her match

Little Bully Lucy finally had her day in court. Arrrgghhh this is probably one of the more stressful parts of parenting. My child is communicating through hits, pinches, kicks and bites. Nothing I have tried has worked, I admit I've only tried a few things: ignoring, redirecting and time out. After a morning of bullying her FRIEND, Lucy met her match at a city park. I saw the look in her eye as a similar age girl came into her "territory". Lucy walked up to the toddler with her chest puffed out, and instead of cowering away the girl puffed her chest up and pushed Lucy. The girls momma came running. I said "i don't mind if you don't mind, this one [lucy] just might understand the other side". This momma said her child is the biggest bully, I said "I'm not so sure". We watched the girls work it out. It went well. I think Lucy understood the power behind the the other toddlers equally fearless positioning. Once the girls were on an understanding I was able to sit down with the other momma. She asked me if Lucy was from Ethiopia and I said yes and it turns out her daughter is from Russia. They are two months apart in age. Lucy came home at 5 months and equally powerful toddler came home at 15 months. It was another single mom. Apparently her toddler has bullied enough in her daycare to warrant the teachers asking mom to talk to the doctor about it ... well Lucy hasn't had that ... but she does go to daycare in "the hood" and I think some of her behavior is learned, let's just say she doesn't stand out in a crowd (behaviouly) in her daycare. The other mom and I laughed about it all for about 1.4 seconds before Lucy ran off south towards open water and equally powerful toddler ran off north toward oncoming traffic. We'll probably never cross paths again unless our kids end up in juvie together.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Little Lady

Lucy is quite the young lady these days. When we leave the house she usually has to grab two things. Sometimes they are very random. Last night we went for a walk and she grabbed a kitchen washcloth and her I Love Lucy purse and out the door she went. It was very cute with her purse on her shoulder (I don't even carry a purse). Auntie Jen returned from her cruise with two adorable outfits for the little Bahama Momma ... This one she was able to wear in two separate ways, she's very creative!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When adoption is so hard you can't think straight

my friend mel from adopting morgan (see my links I love) just received news that her son's case did not make it through court. She has already waited nearly three months for a travel date and has already seen families who received referrals a month after her get through court and get travel dates. Now Morgan doesn't go through court again for a couple weeks. This is unbelievably hard for her (and Morgan). I realize other have had longer more heartbreaking waits (like those occurring in Guatemala) but this is hard. Adoption can be so hard because so much of the process is out of your control (after having gone through piles of very controlled paperwork). For people who think adoption is as simple as getting on an airplane please hear this: IT"S NOT!!!! When your child is thousands and thousands of miles away and a glitch in a system is keeping her/him in an orpanage longer then necessary ... it's hard. When you can do nothing but sit back and wait for the next thing to happen ... it's hard. When your child is growing up and you can't be there ... it's hard. Dear Mel ... it'll happen, and I am sure you're sick of people telling you to hang in there ... but hang in there. It'll happen. He'll come home and be a happy healthy boy.

hair snaps

I did her hair in small braids and snaps. It went fairly well. The procedure only required one small bag of "hop hops" aka gummies and one viewing of Melmo (aka The Sesame Street All Star Alphabet). I didn't get the way back done because after a point she would, in frustration, yank out one braid for every two I was adding ... I was worried she'd catch up and we'd end up with nothing but a "hop hoped" up kid and a bunch of white snaps laying all over the place.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring for real???

Well, hopefully we have seen the end of snow. Today was a warm and sunny day ... perfect for time outdoors. Lucy has me running scared that she is about to get sick again. First clue was the very random, very dramatic crying she did in the car this afternoon. It wasn't normal for her, not the frustrated cry, not the "I dropped Elmo" cry. I was scared to put her down for a nap expecting the worst. She woke up fine. Relief. We spent the afternoon/evening playing outdoors (see above photo). She was so funny, running around in her new shoes (see photo). She would scream hi to people, and sometimes start jabbering things at them (I am not sure I want to know what she was saying). She almost seemed relieved each time she would spot another human (my dog is the same way when she sees another dog). In the car on the way home she was singing. It was so cute, she would either jabber out the song (to the tune) or she would shout out the last word of the line. For example: Down by the BAY. Where the watermelon GROWS." etc. She knew words to songs that we rarely ever listen to. She's a genius, a musical genius. We get home from this fun evening and the little stinker is running a fever. Acting just fine, but running a fever. It's been exactly one week since the last fever. Does anyone know anything about kids that are ALWAYS sick???? Please tell me there is a problem that is right in front of my face that I just can't see. I am trying not to get too worked up. I am trying to have hope that she'll wake up fine and that maybe the fever was just from her playing so hard and singing so well.

Monday, April 9, 2007

The sunny sun sun ... and a bubble

talk about joy!!! Lucy loves a wild ride on the swing!

Especially with "Melmo"

A girl and her Melmo ... what a cute sight!

Chasing a bubble (trying to eat a bubble)

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hopping down the bunny trail...

Lucy is mostly recovered from the fever in the last post. It's been popping up here and there (the fever) and it's a little odd but nothing else seems to be happening. We went to Bemidji a day late. Lucy did pretty well on the 4 1/2 trip up, despite the fact that she maybe slept for a total of 10 minutes the whole time. I was a little scared as we used up my tricks about 1 hour into the trip. The way back was a nightmare in a way. We left at 6 pm, and I was HOPING she'd stay awake until at least 7 pm. Well, I needn't have worried. Despite complete darkness and insanly boring lullaby's she stayed awake until we were about to exit the freeway to our home. She stayed awake until 10:45pm, almost three hours past her bedtime. I was a FREAK. It was definately a moment that I was frustrated and annoyed by my perfect child. I mean, who stays awake through that if they don't have to???? Well ... anyway we had a good time in Bemidji. Lucy fit right into the M-T family. She had two big sisters, one she felt was small enough to push around (not nice Lucy) the other was the one she wanted to follow around. Today (Easter) started out at 4:30 in the morning with two cops knock knock knocking on our door (or ringing the doorbell ... i dont'remember it was 4:30 a.m.). Lucy slept through the bell/knock and the dog bark. The cops were here to inform that the car had been hit once again parked out on the street. Not a fun moment. Hit and run ... Ummm and once again, public safety officials on the doorstep with me in my not so attractive pj's. Back to Lucy ... the real day started with grandma, grandpa and great-aunt Barb joining us for a walk through Mall of America's indoor amusement park. Lucy in her cute Easter dress/bonnet. We then joined auntie Jen for brunch at home ... and Lucy went down for a short nap. This afternoon Lucy and I went to some old friends for dinner and an Easter egg hunt fun fun fun.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Spoke to darn soon....

Last night when I posted that "Lucy was feeling grreeeeeeaaaaattt", I guess what I meant was, "Lucy is feeling like she's going to wake up with another high fever". Once again we have casa de sicko. Damn. Sorry the swearing had to happen. This is getting so so frustrating. She's still being a good sport about it ... definately not me, I am not being a good sport. We are supposed to be in Sunny Warm Bemidji ... frolicking on the sandy beach (or at least hanging out in the living room in our sweatshirts). Well ... let's hope this sickness is short.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Roadtripping with Melmo

Tomorrow Lucy and I leave on our spring break adventure. I have decided it's a good idea to spend spring break in an area with weather more cold then Minneapolis MN. My theory is that it makes it less depressing to go back to work on Monday if I am not leaving a sunny, warm beach to do so. This explains why two years ago I spent spring break in Fargo, ND .. holed up in a hotel room with one or two children (not my own). This year we are going to good ole' Bemidji. We will be staying with friends of ours who have 3 beautiful daughters. Only 2 daughters are home at this point, so we'll be toasting to whoever in the world (or out of the world) might have the power to get the US government officials up and working to get daughter 3 home. Lucy has been feeling grrrreeeeaaat these past few days. She has developed a true love for Elmo "Melmo". This is a sneaky sesame street phenomenon. For a long time we have been watching a Sesame Street DVD, the ABC's. She has enjoyed the video and would love to watch it every hour of every day, but it wasn't until last week that she decided to join the ranks of toddlers everywhere and declare her undying love for cute Melmo. Today I bought her a little stuffed Melmo ... she held it through the store, and hasn't let go of it since ... she held it through dinner, through getting into PJ's and through going night night ... Melmo's head is soaking wet because she is chewing on his big bulging eyeball. Ahhhh Melmo ... thanks for making her happy. Stay tuned, I'll hopefully post new photos tomorrow morning.