Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I have been working hard trying to live on a budget. I haven't even been to TARGET lately! I have been skipping coffee shops ... babysitting for extra money in my spare time etc. I figure it's time that Lucy steps up to the plate and contributes to the slimmed down budget plan so I sent her to daycare in underwear today. I don't think it will go well. As I was leaving daycare she was peeing in her first pair of underwear. Hmmmm. I think she has the ability I believe she lacks the desire. We'll see what happens. Either way ... I saved a diaper today. Let's all send Lucy some positive potty vibes during this holiday weekend. We'll be working hard.

OH and if Libby can get pardoned (and you know the full pardon is likely)... well then I suppose we can give Lucy a break for peeing in her panties right?


Anonymous said...

Oh my Honey you are way to funny, hope you have a good holiday.

Tarah said...

:) I can just imagine the poor preschool workers faces if they realize they are changing pee pee cloths all day to save you a penny. Lucy is getting so BIG! I am loving all her hair do's in the pictures. Good job mama!!!

Stacie said...

She definitely deserves a full pardon :)

cathy said...

Girl, if you can stay out of Target, you're halfway there!