Saturday, July 7, 2007

Long weekend!!!!

Long holiday weekends are great. What fun to realize that it's only SATURDAY. Ahhh yes, I was made to be a stay-at-home mom. We've had fun just hanging in our little corner of the world. We really partied on July 4th. We went to a little parade in St. Paul ... it wasn't exciting but we got a free freezie pop. We went to a BBQ at Lucy's friend's house (Bennett .. her roommate in Ethiopia and one of her possible future husbands). We stayed up LATE and watched fireworks. True to form, Lucy LOVED the fireworks. It took a few minutes for her to stop shaking from the noise but once she was used to it, she had fun naming the colors of the "hot" fireworks and asking for more more more. Have to say (as you'll see in one of the photos) that Lucy is turning into a real drama queen. Sometimes even I don't know if the tears are real or fake. She definately puts on a show for grandpa ...


Anonymous said...

What a face!!! Gorgeous! :)
Be blessed,
MalĂ­a's Mama

Gracie's Mom said...

Your baby girl is just so precious. You always have her in the cutest outfits. When my hubby and I began researching adoption, Lucy was the first baby we saw on the web. I was instantly smitten. We are now on the waiting list with CHSFS for our own baby girl. Thanks for being such a great inspiration!