Wednesday, July 11, 2007

2 years ago ... and now

Hard to believe that 2 years ago I was pretty much crazy. I had a referral for a beautiful baby girl. I was so floored that I had a daughter. I was certain I would get a referral for a boy. I was now free to buy clothes (I knew the age and gender). Waiting was so hard. I waited from July 8th until October 22 to travel. Lucy got sick during this time and lost weight from 2 months old to 5 months old ... I was pretty scared. Looking at those photos now, I can see the sick in her. I gasped when I read the note from the doctor in the care center ... upon placing Lucy in the hospital: "I hope she makes it".

Well she certainly "made it" and continues to grow and thrive. We've had the best three days. Lucy has been so communicative. It's a lot of fun having a kid who can tell you things ... her new favorite sentence is "No, I don't like that." She says it very clearly. Tonight we went to an ice cream social at a neighborhood park. She was in her element. They had cotton candy, lots of people, a live band and a playground.... she would have been in heaven if I would have let her go into the wading pool. She played hard and had fun (except when the cotton candy ran out).

Lucy made it through daycare today with no potty related accidents. Of course she totally peed (immediately after she got off the potty chair) in her underwear once we got home. Frustrating ... but it's a combination of her not being all the way ready and her naturally oppositional personality (and age .. bad combination). She'll get it. I think I'll have to break down and buy another pack of diapers before she cracks.

The photos are of Lucy enjoying an apple at the Midtown Global Market.

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