Saturday, July 21, 2007


This weekend we sat on a house. Nahhh ... we house sat and dog/cat sat again. Thank goodness I have a nice flexible child. She sleeps wherever and makes herself right at home. Lucy loved having a dog to play with again. Poor Parker was the object of peek-a-boo play with the scarf being over Parker's whole head. He took it well. Later he kissed Lucy in appreciation. When I carried Lucy upstairs for bed she would look down the steps and blow Parker a kiss "night night Parker." So cute. We went to a water park. Lucy didn't seem into the water play toys just into playing in the pool part of the water. Good to know, we can have just as much fun in the free neighborhood wading pools. The photos are of Lucy playing peek-a-boo in her closet. She was laughing so hard as I would open the door and act scared when she went "boo".

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Martelsfamily said...

What a beautiful little girl and story. We are starting our adoption for a Zambian baby girl. I love the picture of Lucy on the top . I would like to buy a dress like that. Any ideas where I could find one or is your for sale :)
Again congratulation