Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lucy has a little foot.

We are getting close to our referral call anniversary. I remember the call so well and will likely blog about it in detail on the date. For now ... I will say that my SW said "but ..." and went on to say something about a foot deformity. I was sort of basking in the surprise of the phone call (45 minutes after i turned in my dossier ... story later) so I only partially listened to her describe the foot of what was probably my new 2 month old daughter. Of course I accepted the referral and brought home my perfect daughter Lucy 3 1/2 months alter. Lucy has a "congenital amputation" of one of her feet. Her foot is very small (smaller then a newborn) and her toes are not fully formed. Despite this, she walked within normal range, climbs fast enough to give me a heart attack at least 100 times a day and basically can do everything but wear the shoes that she has developed quite a fetish for. ... that's ok Lucy... momma has things she wants but can't wear either. The only "problem" with her foot at this time is the HIGH price of the insert that goes in her shoe so she can wear shoes without them spinning around and so that she doesn't have to overcompensate too much and mess up her leg muscles/bones. This insert for some reason is not paid for by insurance and my kids feet are growing fast. Normally no one even notices ... but last summer and this summer we've spent a lot of time barefoot ... sandels don't work on her and her hightops are just too hot. Kids are the ones who notice and ask questions. I love that they are just so open and inquisitive. Lucy gets to experience a very safe interaction when the kids ask about her foot and I explain about how she was born with her foot like that ... The kids just move right on ... and Lucy seems to love the attention (for now). Today a little girl was swimming with us in the lake. Lucy was kicking away in the water trying to swim when the girl asked about her feet. I explained and the girl wanted to look at her feet closer and closer. Lucy got tired of being still and yells "swim feet swimm feet" and starts paddling her hands and kicking those feet ... the little girl goes "I think that little foot works just fine!" and I said "ME TOO" and Lucy said "Mine foot, mine foot, not yours mine foot ... NO go in, no no .. mine water, Lucy swim, mine lake" I don't think anything is going to stop Lucy from doing what she wants ... Nope. It's most definately her world right now.


Nancy said...

I too, love the way kids are so inquisitive and 'out there' with their wonderment.

I met two kids at the park who were trying to figure out how a mother and daughter could have different color skin. They also had no idea where or what Africa was. But then again last year, I had no idea that Egypt was in Africa (hehe)!

Lucy sure hasn't been compromised in any way and nothing seems to slow that girl down!

Anonymous said...

Your post made me tear up.
Kudos to you for taking a little one that many may have left behind. After all, the dream is usually the "perfect in EVERY way" child.
I, too, accepted my little girl with what I thought might be a life long challenge for her (she had very obvious white splotches all around her mouth, nose and chin )and will admit, was very nervous. I didn't know how I'd handle the stares that would likely happen, the questions, her own self esteem as she got older. The discolorations turned out to be, not leucoderma which is irreversible, but a fungus, and have since gone completely, so that issue is no longer there. I am thankful for that.
With Lucy, I think you are doing an amazing job of raising her as a self-aware, self-assured little lady. I sense that you have never coddled, or pitied her b/c of the "little foot" and so she has done it all right on schedule, and she will be just fine!!! :)
MalĂ­a's Mama

Anne said...

Look out world -- here comes Lucy!

I can't believe insurance doesn't cover the insert! That's absurd. We recently had a situation where our insurance denied coverage of something equally absurd -- we appealed TWICE and finally won the appeal. What it finally took was threatening to file a complaint with the state's commissioner of insurance. My mom used to work in insurance claims and she told us that insurance companies usually change their decisions very quickly when faced with a complaint with the state agency.

Sorry for the novel, but I'm irked on your behalf!

Mama Papaya said...

We have so much to learn from our children. And lessons from us they should never learn. You go Lucy!

And I second what Anne (who's blog I really, really miss) said. It is absolutely ridiculous that the insert is not covered. With all the (little blue) things insurance companies cover...thinking of a potty word right now.