Thursday, February 1, 2007

Small celebrations...

Tonight was weird. First, I left Lucy home with grandma and grandpa again while I babysat Isaac (4) and Nathan (2). Please don't tell Lucy this is what I was doing ... it's like cheating on your kid. Lucy LOVES Isaac and Nathan and starts screaming with joy when we pull up to their house. Lucy helps me keep these two boys in line about one night a week. Well, I just couldn't bear to expose her to any possible new germs/viruses ... she's like a sponge for these buggers, so I went alone. First of all it is WAY easier watching two boys, then it is watching two boys and one girl!!! I arrived home to a happy Lucy. She's still not able to breathe through her nose at all and I hear her in her bed gasping occasionally (not a sound I will ever get used to). BUT... tonight I am not afraid she'll actually be unable to breathe. This is a good sign that Lucy is recovering physically and I am recovering mentally. Second small celebration is ... she officially has only one bottle of Isoniazid left!!!! We are entering our 9th month of the 9 month treatment for latent TB. After this ... she's free to eat fish and take tylenol (something we could have used a couple days ago).

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