Saturday, February 17, 2007

No pictures tonight

Hi ... I tried to post photos from the great outdoors but my dial-up connection is just so slow ... this will have to wait until I have access to something faster. We had a lot of fun on our adventure north. We hiked in the snow ... peed in a outdoor toilet (unheated, single digits, cold ... but no spiders). Lucy isn't a fan of the cold. She didn't dig being outside as much as I imagined she would. She did fall asleep in the backpack on our first hike ... so once again (like last year) I had snoring in my ear in the pristine wilderness. The word "hot" really hit home in the tiny one room cabin heated with a stove ... I think she "got" that I really meant for her to not touch the stove as she kept eyeing it suspiciously and pointing at it "hot" "hot".

On another note ... my heart is breaking for an adoptive mom whose baby died in Ethiopia. The mom was meant to travel in the next week .. the baby's death was sudden. I can't imagine this but at the same time I have heard it happen so often. It's so hard to fathom ... even with the best care possible ... still babies are dying there that would likely survive here. I keep forgetting, only to be reminded with a brutal slap ... we are blessed here. Even in the midst of pain and suffering ... we are blessed to have the resources at hand to save lives, to prevent deaths. We are blessed. My heart goes out to this momma ... I hope you find peace ... and that when you are ready I hope you find joy in your daughter's sister when she comes into your heart and arms and yes I held my girl tight tonight ...

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