Wednesday, February 14, 2007

February tradition ...

It's so much FUN to be on year two of family traditions! I love traditions. I just might have to have a Franklin Covey planner dedicated to the various traditions I try to implement so that I don't forget. We've had our 2nd Thanksgiving (auntie Jen and Lucy watching the parade), 2nd Christmas (drinking baileys in our coffee, that's me not Lucy), New Years although we have yet to come up with a traditional activity ... Ethiopian Christmas at our house, ... and tomorrow we leave for our 2nd annual "retreat" ... we spend one night at a casino hotel near lake Mille Lacs, and then hike/snowshoe at a nearby state park. This year we are spending night two at a cabin in the state park. The cabin is one room, teeny tiny with a small stove to heat the place and electricity but there is no runnign water in the entire state park. This should be interesting. Spending time outdoors in the silence (well, the silence PLUS the noise of a 20 month old) should be so refreshing. AND the best thing?????? What is one to do in a tiny one room hotel room or cabin when ones daughter is sleeping or napping???? Well obviously you veg out by reading, bathing or sleeping. I am not going to spend naptime or bedtime frantically cleaning because I cna't do it when she is awake. I think I'll probably spend about 15 hours in bed between nap and sleep. Look forward to nature photos later this weekend. Gotta charge the camera battery!

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