Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Meeting Lucy #2

I wrote about the travel and my first glimpse of Lucy a couple posts ago ... I had Lucy in my arms and was staring at her, and touching her face and hands. She was more beautiful then I ever could have imagined. Lucy was also tinier then I thought .. very lightweight. After about a minute she briefly opened her eyes, looked right into mine and then fell back asleep. A few minutes later she was awake for good. I saw her beautiful smile. The nurse went over her care ... and then I was told to remain in the infant room until I knew how to take care of her. I had no idea how long that would be. I didn't really mind being there but I knew the other families were back with their children and the room was crowded with nurses, nannies, babies, and my friends. It wasn't long before I was allowed up to the guest rooms. I was told that the nurse would be up often to check in on us. As I walked up those stairs I realized how profoundly my life had changed. I held her for awhile ... willing her to spit up so I would have an excuse to change her. Lucy was very verbal ... made all sorts of cute baby noises. She was content. I was a little overwhelmed, not with her care but with undescrible, never felt before emotions.

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A Special Family said...

What a wonderful story it is!!!
She is adorable!