Sunday, February 25, 2007

Photos Galore

Lucy is growing up so fast. This weekend we had a substantial snow fall, over a foot fell. Lucy finally got the love of the snowy outdoors and we went outside several times a day. Friday night was her last night with her beloved pacifier. I am not normally a "fan" of weaning by a certain age, but Lucy is going to have surgery (adenoids) in a few weeks and since she probably won't be able to use a pacifier during recovery I decided we better start now. She's done pretty well. She's a little traumatized, and has "processed" it a lot. Last night she processed it from about 1:30 am - 3:00 a.m and I was close to finding the pacifiers again. We made it through. I was going to try to describe the photos under each photo but I can't figure it out so I'll do it in numerical order: Photo 1: nothing really to describe, other then "sweet girl" 2. Lucy put this outfit together on her own, a bit Holly Hobby .. we were going through her next size clothes and she pulled out the dress and put it over her outfit. It matches and it might become a favorite outfit. 3. Lucy was putting herself in the box ... she gets all curled up and expects a thrill ride ... she isn't scareed of anything except Santa. 4. her new favorite thing is brushing her teeth (aka eating the toothpaste). 5. my other kid "Sassy" the snowdog 6. the bank of snow blocking our exit 7. swinging in the snow 8. as soon as we would get settled inside Lucy would start putting her outdoor clothes on again to go "side" 8. Sitting on a huge snowpile


A Special Family said...

She is simply adorable :)

Anonymous said...

She just gets more and more beautiful! You must feel so blessed!!