Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend get-away

We were supposed to go camping this weekend but with forecasts of lots of rain/dampness and thunder for all parts of the weekend we decided to wimp out and head north to a hotel/waterpark for some fun and adventures.

Lucy took a moment before our evening swim to model her snowboard pants that I picked up for a real deal at a 2nd hand store (Oilily's for cheap cheap cheap, and O aren't they cute!)

aren't they just so cute and peaceful when they sleep?
next morning we were up and ready to hit the water park again.

Here the kids are in between attempts to get them to go to sleep. 
The mamma's needed a "safety break" the kids were being so so awful
and we needed to restart bedtime with a pep talk to both ourselves and the children.
It went something like this "remember, we really both wanted these kids ... we really love these kids, remember how hard we worked to get these kids in our lives???  remember the agonizing wait and how we couldn't wait to get them in our arms????   Yeah ... ahhh ... let's start this bedtime over, OK?  AND next time, we each get our own rooms how about that???"

the results were hard won and so worth it. i was too tired to walk
across the room and capture the sleeping mo mo.

  The next morning Mo teaches Lucy how to play leapster.
I think we checked out of the hotel around 8am. 

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