Thursday, June 3, 2010


My friend Sara and I have been friends for an eternity.  I met her when I started working at Minneapolis Crisis Nursery probably 18 years ago.  She hated me at first, later I found out that most people that Sara really likes she started off by hating (she's quirky).   We worked an intense intense job together.  Whew.  Sara's probably the person that got me into camping.  We definately ROCK the car-camping system. 

Sara was a newly wed when she agreed to travel with me to Ethiopia to get Lucy.  Actually both of my travel companions (Sara and Mel (of mel and morgan)) made significant financial sacrifices to travel with me.  Neither worked jobs that earned good money but neither hesitated AT ALL when asked if they could come to support me. 

Sara also brought FOOD COLORING to the campground so that we could have pancakes in any color we wanted. Sara will also get up in the middle of the night to make sure the racoons don't attack people (me) that need to "use it" in the middle of the night.  I mean, can you get any cooler then that?

Sara is one of Lucy's great loves (even if she won't let Lucy have the pretty rocks she collects)

Sara has a great attention span, she put this puzzle together almost all by herself.

We've honestly travelled all around this great big world together.  Venezuela, Ireland, Thailand (she was in the peace corps) and of course Ethiopia.  We really need to hit Australia as another continent. 

It's really awesome to have a garden full of amazing friends in my life.


M and M said...

I liked her immediately when I met her camping and then at dinner in St. Paul. I'm wondering though, does she hate me? I sorta hope she does!

elh said...

I think she hated me, too, when she first met me... and I'm her sister! :) Honestly, I have had fun doing thing I swore up and down I hated with Sara. She's awesome.

K said...

Sara is awesome, you are right about that. I think that she brought food coloring for pancakes pretty much sums her up.

Sara said...

Stacy Anderson,
You are so so so awesome. My life is so much better because you are in it. I am honored and love your guys' responses. Melanie, i hate you.

Melanie said...

Sara - shouldn't we be done with the hate by now!!!! Yes Sara is supercool and we need to hang out again soon!!!