Saturday, June 19, 2010

Past couple days

The past few days we've seen a lot of Jacob. He's our baby turned big boy.
Now that's he's old enough to say "no" to Lucy she has a run for her money. He's still our sweetie and so very flexible and accomodating to her directives and demands. 
Lucy and Jacob had a little country music festival at my house on Wednesday night.

Jacob and his mom joined us at Stonebridge festival of the arts this afternoon.
The kids did a lot of dancing before and after the band started.
                               Lucy admired some beautiful art.

and the kids were rewarded with giant ice cream cones.  Soon after the ice cream cone eating, Lucy decided to flee sanity and took a nose dive into uber stinkerdom, not even a nap saved us from the brief [hopefully] regression to the nightmare that was her entire 3rd year.  Please Lucy wake up and be your wonderful 5 year old self.

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StefB said...

I think I've mentioned before that our girls have some similarities. Two wasn't easy. Three has been very challenging. My daughter will be 4 in about 5 weeks. Should I be hopeful? :) It seems that 5 is your magic number?

Stefanie, mom to Tiana, my challenging and amazing preschooler