Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sefara 2010

Sefara 2010

Forgive the formatting.  Just got back from two nights of camping with all the cool Ethiopia Adoptive Families (separate post regarding our surprise visit from the Papaya's coming later). 

This was our 2nd annual camping extravaganza and we played hard!  The weather played hardball too. We had two very stormy night with heavy rain (creating indoor water park in the tent the first night) and lightening. Some odd tent twisting wind got me very tense on night two and we ended up packing up camp in a storm lull at about 2 in the morning on Sunday.

We arrived at our campsite and Lucy knew what to do right away. After she helped me pitch the tent she got to work dragging our beds into our weekend abode.

Diane kidnapped her to do some canoeing.  When I finally found her she was soaking wet and having a blast on the little beach at our state park.

Morgan and Blueberry soon joined in the fun.

She was warming up on the hot sand making sand angels.

Lucy has discovered the joy of sand and water creations. 

Managed to squeeze the bike in, so fun to see her ride her bike around the campground.

the raspberries were growing all around our campsite and they were ripe and readily available
for snacking!

We were up very bright and early on Saturday morning. It was nice to have
visitors like Jon and the twins to wake us up a little.

Lucy's favorite friend this year. Peanut the dog.

Had a lumberjack breakfast at Paul Bunyan's cook shanty.
Possibly the best doughnuts I've had ever.
The adoration of Lucy and Wendim continues ...
Lucy was trying to distract Wendim from his food, not an easy task.
Here are the twins right before the NOON s'more cookoff.  E was trying to convince
everyone that only brothers could drink his special beverage because it had chemicals in it
that were not good for sisters or nonbrothers.

drove to Devil's Lake State Park to use their beautiful beach. Had to wait for the freight train to pass in order to get to the path to the beach.
walking along an active train track. Nice parenting huh?  We surveyed the situation and it seemed like
part of the Devil's Lake culture to walk on the tracks so hey, when we're camping we don't follow many rules.
Lucy and her kids on the ride back to the campground.

Interestingly enough. They held a separate smore cook-off when we
were not there. NONE of the winners were present at the noon cook-off, and oddly
the folks at the noon cook - off were not told about this here 7pm cook off.  Now that I think about it I believe our written rules stated the cookoff was at 8:12pm or something ...
Interestingly enough, the winners of the cook off were
not only the organizers of the cook off but the family of the
cook-off tally counter and announcer. hmmmm

the little kids having a sour candy eating contest.

taking shelter from the lightening strikes.


Cindy said...

Looks like a great time!

D said...

"Lucy was trying to distract Wendim from his food, not an easy task." Duh.

Mama Papaya said...

Man. We had a great time together! Thanks for bring us along. :)

Cindy said...

ALL the cool families? Humph, I believe at least one of the coolest of the cool was not there! :D