Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last day of long wonderful weekend ....

Memorial Monday came in bright and early. Lucy woke up with the energy of a million buzzed up bumblebees.  Talk talk talk talk talk, move move move move move.  I had none of that energy.  I started feeling overwhelmed with the talking, all the talking.  I was actually still very glad to be with Lucy and not be working but I was feeling sort of PTSD every time I heard "momma" ... for I knew that an hour long conversation about some overworked subject was about to follow. 

I decided to place my pain out there on facebook for the world to see.  Within a few minutes my pain was acknowledged by my 2nd cousin/facebook friend who was experiencing her own agony, her husband having taken leave for some time, leaving her with her own chatterbox 4 year old and how own big baby belly to impede the physical comfort.  A pool party was about to happen at their house and we were invited to crash said party...

I felt a little bad at first.  Her son was happily swimming in the pool, NOT chatting at her and suddenly here's Lucy asking her a billion questions.  Ahhh but at least I was temporarily off duty as once we're in the company of others I am usually the equivalent of chopped liver.  All I needed to do was keep her alive.

Lucy proved that she could still swim like a fish despite not having lessons for over a year.  A nice warm pool, the company of others and an exhausted kid was the perfect way to end a wonderful holiday weekend.

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Shannon- said...

Oh gosh can I relate!

She's growing so fast!!