Sunday, August 2, 2009


We went on another camping adventure this weekend. Mel and Morgan joined in. Gonna be honest here; the kids were not so much fun. Whew. More importantly however I think they HAD fun and really that's what this is all about, fun memories for them. A couple beers for me and I am already day dreaming about our next camping trip which is about a month from now. Lucy was protecting Morgan from bears. I know it's awful but in a demonstration of very bad parenting I kept reminding Lucy about bears in order to keep her from running off and "hiding" in the woods. I also wondered aloud about biting fish when she started laughing maniacally whilst racing toward the waters edge. Don't worry readers, Lucy is FEARLESS and my warnings were pretty much smoke in the wind by the next day. I really wish she WOULD find a few fears.

Morgan is pondering his next oppositional action.

collecting marshmallow roasting sticks

a cool breeze, green grass and no cliffs = a little relaxation for the grownups

Captured: Morgan pushing Lucy. Not Captured: Lucy telling him to push her

so fun to see MY DAUGHTER riding her bike down the campground road

morgan in some cool shades. lucy filling up a plastic bag with dirt. like diane always says, who needs toys!

ice cream and laughter at Happy's Restaurant

winding down at the campfire

making coffee. she was excited because i gave her real coffee grounds.

so we head into another work-week. so sad.


D said...

All these camping trips...WITHOUT me. I'm starting to feel like you're cheating on me. What was our special camping trip? Some sort of camping 2-night stand? I feel so used.

risa said...

Favorite line:

"Morgan is pondering his next oppositional action."

Captures kids perfectly.

Melanie said...

Just so ya we drive into the campground he kept saying where's 'wendim' ???? Like he associates camping with you guys!!!! That's good....right???? Morgan was a handful!!! Together they were a bucketfull!!!!!!!!!! My weekend post will probably not be up until tomorrow....... It was a HARD weekend for the parents.....for the most part the kids DID have spite of us!!!

D said...

From Jack: They were camping when we were cleaning?!! That is not fair.