Sunday, August 23, 2009


Sunday. It's always such a bittersweet day. So many decisions to make on this last day of the weekend. Do we jump right in and use as many minutes of the day as possible?

Or do we relax, breathe and savor the waning moments of the weekend?

Do we head to the city lake and watch for crocodiles?

Or do we rock out to the Zed Leppelin show?

Maybe there's time for both.

because no matter what we do, I get the blessing of seeing this beautiful face wherever I go.

always nice when the beautiful girl takes a Sunday nap in a box of pegs. seriously.

she's beautiful, but her modeling skills need honing

she sure the heck knows how to take care of the baby's asthma issues


MysteriousMindy said...

Too cute! BTW... I really like her hair-do!!!

Anonymous said...

"Sunday"...this could easily be turned into a children's book!