Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dear Queenie:

Dear Queenie,

It's me Lucy. Your wonderful wife and daughter have been telling me that you are a little jealous of our wonderful camping adventures here in the great north. It's true they are A LOT of fun. Campfires, short hikes, starry skies at night etc. I totally understand your reluctance (and your wife's reluctance) to camp out in the Texas heat. I mean sheesh, you Texans are afraid of MN winters but we up here are terrified of your hot summers.

I Lucy have come up with a fantastic plan. I think we should meet in Eastern Colorado (or somewhere else pretty and in the middle) in the fall of 2010 for a camping adventure. That means G's momma has to heal up but if she's still hurting we've a nice tall queen size air mattress that we'd be happy to let you use.

Just think G and I can run around like the wild adventurous women that we are ... the mommas and the papa can kick back and enjoy the campfire. No snow storms, no horrid hot humidity.

If you say yes, I will start saving my cutest clothes to pass on to the other cutest girl in the world.

What do you think?

love Lucy

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Gracie's Mom said...

This is Gracie, I told my daddy what u said & he started to do the happy dance:) He is sooooo excited. My mom did an eyeroll at the silly dance but she's for sure game. So it's a date. Be sure to thank ur Mom for thinking of this.

Cya in 2010