Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mill City Ruins

Tonight after dinner we went for a walk in one of my favorite urban places. The Mill City Ruins. This place is so interesting and beautiful.

It's a nice place to walk with Lucy because there is ALWAYS so much to talk about. Are there crocodiles? What happens if I fall in there? Are there biting fish? Lucy was a CHATTER BOX tonight. It's exhausting sometimes. Not only does she need to constantly chat, she needs full engagement. No passive uh-huhs, nope that stuff does not fly with Lucy loo.

also very difficult to get her to stop and pose for photos.

these days my best photos of her are side shots, when she doesn't know I am taking her photo.


Gracie's Mom said...

Stacy you are such a neat mom:)

Zenbaby said...

I enjoy reading your posts and viewing your photos. Lucy is adorable and entertaining.

PumpkinGirl said...

I love walking there, too. And it does make for some great photos!