Friday, August 21, 2009

Things and stuff

It's been a long long week (anyone see a pattern?). Lucy had her last week of summer preschool arts camps. We now piece child-care together until after labor day when we resume our regularly scheduled program. Can you believe that next year at this time I'll be blogging about kindergarden?????? Holy Crap!
Above lies Lucy on her epic 3 hour family vacation nap. This was the day after our night in the sauna. Hotel room with a busted a/c. Not the best night sleep.

Lucy and I have been having a great summer. Lucy likes playing outside, I still love the extra space the outdoors provides. It's been very fun and we've taken full advantage.
Above is Lucy and her cousin Naomi (from Florida). Naomi and Lucy have never met. Lucy was holding very still while Naomi gave her a heart tattoo.

Here is Lucy mauling a random puppy. She starts off nice but ends up smothing the dog. One day she's going to get bit. Currently Lucy is on a weekend long "time-out" from touching other people's dogs (even if she asks the owner) such was the extent of her poor self control with dogs the other night. On the other hand, people who own dogs who hate kids should probably NOT take them to Como Park, just saying.

Lucy's first pop-rocks experience. Big hit.

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D said...

"Naomi and Lucy have never met" How'd you get the photo then?

When I was in ET, I gave some pop rocks to most of Lekneh's family. They were all amused by them. The last day I was there, I gave my last package to Lekneh's littlest brother who had not experienced them before. He chugged the whole packet before they started popping. The look on his face when they did start almost made ME and Lekneh's Mom pee ourselves.

Next time, I take the sour spray candy! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!!!