Wednesday, July 29, 2009

final vacation pics

I can't believe our vacation is so far over now! You know you wait all year and poof it's gone. Well we still have three more weekend camping trips to do ... and that is a good thought. Lucy musing the meaning of life at the mouth of the mighty Mississippi

roaring campfire

does everyone see the baby in lucy's tummy?

sweet Jacob having a banana

very excited to go fishing on the boat

driving the boat with Eric

look at that bald eagle, breathtaking.

she took boat driving very seriously


Lucy, the fearless going on her first tube ride!!!

Jacob couldn't handle the excitement

last day of vacation and the little guy was spent
In other news. Lucy had her first real playdate this afternoon. She had a blast and was very mad when I came to take her home. The mom of Lucy's little girl friend got some views of what I was referring to when I said "call if you need me to come earlier". Ahhhh well Lucy got over her madness pretty quickly, ate a good dinner and had a nice bike ride.


Mama Papaya said...

Oh man. I need one of those vacation things! What fun.

Love the first picture. So, so Lucy.

cathy said...

you look so happy and relaxed in that photo. lucy looks vivacious as ever--just as I like her!!!!

Lavinia said...

This is such a beautiful blog. I'm a black South African & I can't express how much it warms my heart to see the love you have for your little girl.

I found a link to your blog from one of the hair forums ;) You are doing a wonderful job with Lucy's hair.