Monday, July 27, 2009

Vacation part 2

we went to a bison farm. had a lecture, know all about how bison are not buffalo yet still i want to call them buffalo. The little lecture was actually quite informative and as interesting.

We then hopped on a short bus and the tour guide took us into the herd of bison.

Mabel the bison was about the only known bison to be conditioned (apparently bison are very stubborn and independent and unlike their bovine counterparts are not trainable or tamable. Mabel however is one of a kind and has developed a liking for the vitamin tablets that come with the tour bus. She stuck her big ole' head in the bus when he opened the door.

we stopped to have lunch at a Mexican restaurant where the kids had virgin daiquiris! Lucy liked licking the sugar rim.

Jacob enjoyed having a breakable glass.

in the morning the three big kids shared a snack of popcorn.

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3GenerationsFarm said...

Very sad that i missed you. We are on company group #3 who arrived by plane today. Hope your Monday was better than expected.