Tuesday, July 28, 2009

vacation 3

I had to double up on the photos in this post. We spent one night camping at Itasca State Park. It was our second year camping with just the moms and four kids. We totally rocked the campground. First of all we had the BEST SPOT in the whole campground. Who would've known? Generally I do spend a lot of times looking at the campground map before picking our spot. I usually try to get one close to the bathroom but not right next to it (too much light). 2nd criteria is how many sites are directly around it. Somehow our site (which will remain a closely guarded secret) was perfect in every way. The evening was perfect. Nice breeze, not too cold but not hot at all, not horrible amounts of mosquitoes. Quite nice. The kids did really well. Bedtime took a little re-vamping but really the kids managed bedtime really well considering the chaos that could have erupted.

Lucy played mini-golf for the first time. As with any other organized game with rules and waiting she lasted about 30 seconds (one part of one hole).

The kids ran their way to the Mississippi Headwaters!

Group photo attempt. Jacob not having it.

Attempt 2. Surprisingly the kids were all sitting together. Our most cooperative guy was the one having issues. Well at least all four were in one shot at one time.

Itasca State Park. It's so beautiful, it's magic. Campground, playground, beach, headwaters, restaurants.... it has it all! I love this place. I love that we played in the headwaters of the Mississippi.

Jacob is missing from this photo. The kids have grown soooo much. I will have to find last years photo of them sitting together on this log.


Izzy said...

entirely too precious.

Chatter said...

Wow. It's beautiful!! I wish Minnesota wasn't so far away. Enjoy the next few trips you have planned. You are making me want to head out for a weekend.