Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vacation part one

We are back from vacation. I am soooo tired. Do not have energy for proper blog post. We had a really good time, we were both sad to leave and neither one of is looking forward to starting real life tomorrow (although only one of us had a sobbing breakdown about it and NO it wasn't me sobbing). I thought I'd write about vacation 5 photos at a time and spread out the fun. Does anyone know why blogger uploads photos backwards ugggh. Here is part of day 1 of vacation (actually we left Tuesday evening, the real vacation started Wednesday morning). Blogger being blogger and me being unwilling to move things around means that we start with Wednesday afternoon and we move into Wednesday morning as the first five photos present themselves.
Here is our Jacob. 2 years old and trying his best to do everything the big kids do.

Lucy learns to shuck corn. She was so proud of herself!

Back at the park Lucy and Nathan intently watch the bikers/skateboarders on the ramps and half pikes. They were both very excited future participants.

Peeking out the train window.

Wednesday morning all the kids helped make skinny pancakes.

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Nancy said...

Skinny pancakes?! I need that recipe.

I've learned that about Blogger photos. I try to remember to upload the last one first. Just one more random thing in life to aggravate us.