Sunday, July 12, 2009


We went camping again this weekend. Lucy got up bright and early on Saturday morning so we made it to the campground by 9:30. Plenty of time to have lots and lots of fun in the sun, meeting and chatting up our new friends.
Betsy and Ivy form a game plan for the day.

Morgan and Mel took a tour of Minnesota before they found their way to Interstate State Park in WI. I took the kids to the naturalist event.

They became slightly engaged in the activity at hand. Of course Lucy made her own craft which was nothing like the craft the naturalist put together.

The kids were very excited when it was time to hit the beach. Lucy of course swam like a fish, shark or mermaid depending on the moment.

drying off in the warm sun

Betsy and the kids in search of twigs and sticks

Ivy smiles

Brian and Mindy joined us for a couple hours.

Lucy and Morgan driving the rock to Las Vegas

Making "hot chocolate"

Sorry "Queeny" (Gracies dad) Lucy found a new love in "Robert".

Lucy entertains

she really got into the dirt!

pretty Ivy

The best campfire entertainment

and she sleeps

the morning after, camp pack up in a rainy rush
Once again Lucy proves that she is a darn cool camper. She LOVES camping. She sleeps good in the tent, is fairly content playing with dirt/water/sticks and stones and eats like a maniac in the fresh outdoors.


Shannon- said...

Her hair looks GREAT down!

Mama Papaya said...

Fun, fun, fun! And I second Shannon. Love the long curls!

MysteriousMindy said...

We had SO much fun...thanks for inviting us!

Gracie's Mom said...

Lucy noooooooo, luv is so fleeting :(

3GenerationsFarm said...

Oh, looks so fun! Was there wine?

Kari said...

Loving the hair down too! You guys were SO close to us! Maybe next time you come to WI we could meet up and swim at least. bummed that we missed you guys.