Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Whew the past few days have sure been tiring. We are all out of sync with our routines and schedules. My mom has basically moved in here this week as I needed her on Monday night (to watch the kids I babysit), Tuesday night (I worked late), and then wanted Lucy out of preschool by Wednesday to minimize the chances of her catching a big bug before her surgery on Monday the 20th.

Lucy and I went on a tour of the hospital Monday night. She was the only kid on the tour and absolutely thrived under so much adult attention. It was a good tour and Lucy got to see the room where she'll be put under anesthesia, where she'll wake up and where she'll recover. She didn't have many questions but she paid pretty close attention.

I overheard her telling the child-life specialist that she went swimming with dolphins once. The child-life specialist was very impressed. I have NO idea why she said that, and I guess it would be considered a lie and maybe I should have called her out on it but I was more amused then anything.

So we are slowly preparing for Monday. Lucy is actually sick now (big surprise), and we'll see what her pediatrician says tomorrow at her pre-op physical.


Malia'sMama said...

Love her imagination and sooo hope surgery goes well!!

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

See, the way I figure it, she's just using her imagination, or can recall her dreams vividly, or is destined to become a writer...or, it may have come to help her work out her nervousness. Whatever the reason, I'm waiting to hear the rest of the story (hehehe).

Stay tight Stacy---We'll be thinking about the two of you on the day of surgery!!!

Kristy said...

Don't persaonally know you two but enjoy reading your blog and will be praying for eveything to go well woth Lucy's surgery, Aaron has had two now in his short life of three years old and they have gone well and recovered pretty fast I will be thinking of you all!

Michelle said...

Stacy - I will be thinking of you and Lucy.

D said...

I think the dolphin talk was just practicing for the anesthesia portion.

When J had surgery when he was 2, the period while the sedative (pre-anesthesia) was kicking in was quite hilarious. Make sure you remember what she says and hold it against her in the future.