Sunday, April 5, 2009


We started out the morning with a snowy trip to the zoo to see the baby farm animals.

There were several melt-downs. I started to feel better after a bag of doritos but still we were cold and wet and cold and wet and for some reason not understood by a single soul, Morgan decided to cry a lot. I really don't remember seeing many animals which seems to be a pattern on our trips to the zoo.
Well I guess we saw this awesome wolf, staring at us through the window.

The snow was beautiful, thankfully because it was not at all welcome or appreciated.

Later in the afternoon we drove down to Northfield with Karen and Peter to meet up with Matthew and Elizabeth. See the big kids on the right? I was their nanny from the time they were 6 weeks and 20 months old! I can't believe they are in college. It was fun but honestly a little depressing. I don't think I'll ever be ready to just drive away from Lucy leaving her miles away and not knowing every little thing about what she's doing. Lucy on the other hand IS TOTALLY ready for college life. She saw Matthew (photo above) and about 5 minutes later declared him to be her "best friend".
Do you see that I am standing on a box? Do you notice how everyone not on the box (except Lucy) is still a head or two taller then me???

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risa said...

Sorry, but I got my first laugh of the day when I saw the pic of you on the box. HeHE...I just had to laugh...hope that's o.k.