Thursday, April 23, 2009

quick update

lucy had a rough morning yesterday but perked up throughout the day. i stopped giving her the codeine because she seemed depressed and catatonic. the regular tylenol actually seems to work just as well with pain control, maybe not lasting quite as long but enabling her to drink a little more. it's been a traumatic week for both of us. lucy cried and cried trying to go potty yesterday, her eyes bugged out, i felt so bad there was NOTHING I could do (besides keeping her off the narcotics) to help her. for about a half hour before her tylenol and a half hour after she's super cuddly. last night before bed she asked for cheese and pepperoni to eat. i let her eat some bread and she ate 1/2 slice before i realized how hard it was, so of course i was worried about her bleeding most of the night.

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Malia'sMama said...

Stacy, for the difficult potty time, give her a little mineral oil. If she won't just swallow it, then put it in a bit of yogurt. Poor girlie- codeine is hell on the bowels.